Is Poinsett Bridge In Greenville SC haunted?

Is Poinsett Bridge In Greenville SC haunted?

Over the years there have been many rumors of hauntings at the Poinsett Bridge. The reports include strange sounds, mysterious lights, automotive problems and other phenomena.

The bridge is named for Joel R. Poinsett, who was the first Commission of Public works in SC. The historically significant structure has been said to be near indian burial grounds, the site of slave lynchings and possibly built using slave labor. For a fact, the land has ancestral heritage tied to the native Americans who inhabited the land before Greenville County was founded. They were eventually pushed off

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PRESS RELEASE: Greenville Ghost Tour scares up two creepy new tours of haunted downtown for 2012



Jason Profit, Greenville Ghost Tour


Greenville Ghost Tour scares up two creepy new tours of haunted downtown for 2012

Greenville, SC, 9/13/2012 Every Thursday through Sunday night in September and October the original Greenville Ghost Tour leads guests on a creepy 90 minute walking tour that uncovers the multitude of ghosts and hauntings in historic downtown Greenville.

This popular tour was created by Jason Profit, trusted local psychic, ghost hunter and author of the book: Haunted Greenville South Carolina (History Press). Jason has researched and investigated some of the area’s most haunted places, and has uncovered so much more haunted

2012 Haunted Houses and Halloween Attractions in Greenville South Carolina sc

There are a growing collection of Greenville area haunted houses and Halloween attractions for 2012… what better place to gather this list than here at So if you are looking for what to do this year for Halloween fun in Greenville South Carolina for 2012 you have come to the right place! Forget the commercial radio station owned sites like lol… We will always have the most complete listing EVERY year!

While I encourage everyone to come explore the actual hauntings, mysteries and history in downtown Greenville on our original Greenville Ghost Tour… during Halloween a lot of great