Haunted Segway Tour Groupon is NOT the REAL Greenville Ghost Tour

WARNING: If you want the REAL Greenville Ghost Tour it ain’t on an overpriced segway ride! Why waste $65 on a haunted segway tour of old dusty myths and legends when you can enjoy the REAL, ORIGINAL Greenville Ghost Tour for a mere $20? You got had! My fans have been calling ME asking what the deal is…Here is the deal…

Now the Greenville Glides segway tour company could have called me to partner with the real deal and been able to have an amazing offering… but they didn’t! The Greenville segway haunted tour IS NOT authorized to tell our stories nor does it have anything to do with the ORIGINAL Greenville Ghost Tour. They do not hunt ghosts nor do they have any paranormal evidence… just dusty old myths lol.

Don’ fall for the groupon deal on the overpriced segway ride… if you did.. ASK FOR A REFUND! The only place to get the REAL haunted tour of downtown Greenville haunted places is from paranormal expert Jason Profit… I am the guy who actually investigates the haunted locations downtown Greenville and guides the Original Greenville Ghost Tour downtown. Oh yeah and I WROTE THE BOOK about Greenville, SC hauntings. So make sure you don’t get ripped off… There is only ONE Greenville Ghost Tour!

If you got the haunted segway tour groupon… feel free to ask groupon for a refund and come on the REAL haunted tour where the paranormal activity runs high and we know the REAL hotspots where cameras capture orbs, apparitions, mists and learn about how our guests regularly experience the paranormal happenings of downtown. Plus did I mention it is just $20???

Greenville Ghost Tour is the original haunted tour and the ONLY haunted attraction open all year long in Greenville, SC! We have the years of press and media coverage to prove it!

For Halloween Season we also have an all night ghost hunting adventure on Halloween night where you get to be locked into one of the places featured in my book Haunted Greenville South Carolina… Also our Haunted Pub Crawl has new creepy info on the last remaining old brothel downtown Gvegas… We also have an exclusive LATE Tour where you learn the dark side of Greenville’s haunted places, grizzly crimes and suicides… the LATE tour ends where 10,000 souls rest …but not too peacefully!

Greenville ghost tour 2014 schedule

Greenville ghost tours LATE tour

Walk ups welcome! Come on down! If we are not sold out we will welcome you!

>Thurs-Sun Night Ghost Tours start at 8pm and 10:30pm (fri &Sat) In front of Greenville Army Store 660 S. Main St… be 15 min early.

Haunted Segway Tour Groupon is NOT the REAL Greenville Ghost Tour