2012 Haunted Houses and Halloween Attractions in Greenville South Carolina sc

There are a growing collection of Greenville area haunted houses and Halloween attractions for 2012… what better place to gather this list than here at GreenvilleGhost.com? So if you are looking for what to do this year for Halloween fun in Greenville South Carolina for 2012 you have come to the right place! Forget the commercial radio station owned sites like screamfinder.com lol… We will always have the most complete listing EVERY year!

While I encourage everyone to come explore the actual hauntings, mysteries and history in downtown Greenville on our original Greenville Ghost Tour… during Halloween a lot of great family fun opens up for you to enjoy. This year we even have a special ALL NIGHT GHOST HUNTING Adventure  just for Halloween Night 2012! Check our main site here for details.

All NEW Scares for 2012… Haunted Pub Crawl & LATE Tour

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Greenville ghost tour 2014 schedule

Greenville ghost tours LATE tour

Walk ups welcome! Come on down! If we are not sold out we will welcome you!

>Thurs-Sun Night Ghost Tours start at 8pm and 10:30pm (fri &Sat) In front of Greenville Army Store 660 S. Main St… be 15 min early.


The “haunted houses” as described in this listing are commercial Halloween productions meant to thrill and scare you. These fun attractions only come around once a year… So get a scare while the season is here!

In this list are the places that I have found by searching long and hard, some of them are big productions, some of them are small. I cannot promise that all of these listed attractions are accurate so please try and contact the individual attractions themselves. Neither I nor GreenvilleGhost.com has any affiliation with these haunted attractions so we cannot answer any questions about them.

If you know of other Greenville and surrounding area haunted houses and Halloween attraction, please leave a comment on this post and leave me the all the contact details. If you have your own local haunted house or other Halloween attraction, please feel free to comment on this post or call us and leave a message with your details for our “Halloween attractions” page.

Contact info or links to websites and myspace pages have been provided below. If your website is listed here we would appreciate a link back to the original Greenville Ghost Tour!

Haunted Houses and Halloween Attractions for 2012 in Greenville, SC




Greenville Zombie Outbreak! The best haunted trail and ZOMBIE SHOOT in the south!

Greenville Zombie Outbreak haunted trail and zombie shoot website click here!

Truly the top of the heap in Halloween fun for Greenville County. In this fully immersive Halloween attraction you will be taken into a “crap hits the fan” extreme zombie apocalypse scenario.  It is the end of the world… TRY AND SURVIVE!

Your journey starts in the zombie infested haunted trail where you find out a little bit why the outbreak happened. As you wonder through the trail you will encounter graves, bodies and gory remnants of the zombie attack. Then you will explore the extremely twisted “Curiosity Museum” of freaks and bizarre displays unlike anywhere else in the upstate.

With high tech special effects this end of the world trail winds its way into the heart of the zombie infection zone. You will be debriefed as you enter the ZOMBIE SHOOT arena where you will be armed and taught how to retrieve the hidden anti-virus canister… Shoot zombies and try and stay alive to get the canister back to base  camp.Located in an industrial zoned property on the fringes of Greenville County, the setting is perfect for this surreal exploration of the end of the world with the walking dead.

*Haunted Trail!

*Curiosity Museum of Freaks!

*Zombie Shoot!


 Where: 200 WHAM RD. Fountain Inn SC 29644 (Near the Greenville water tower just off 385 past simpsonville)

Greenville Zombie Outbreak Website Click here!

Greenville Zombie outbreak Facebook fan page Click HERE!


Nightmare Dungeon, Upstates #1 Haunted house for 7 years!


Nightmare Dungeon Website

For 18 years Scream Productions have been bringing nightmares to life.  This year is no exception.  Nightmare Dungeon will be the upstate’s scariest haunted house.  With over 20 wretched horror scenes, this will be the longest nightmare experience.  Expect to be thrilled and chilled over and over again. The picture you see is the actual house.  The Nightmare Dungeon is an old 2 story farm house walk thru attraction featuring many scares and dark tight places. Located on an old concrete companies property known as zupan sand, this attraction features a combination of dark tunnels and maze like rooms, digital sound and motivated actors, as well as fine detail and realism. We have added lots of new props, and made many changes for the 2012 season.

Second floor, scares never stop coming, filled with horror, terror, gore, screams,


Where: 645 Old Anderson Rd Greenville, SC 29611

Powdersville area across from the new WalMart


Haunted Scream Park (large multi theme attraction)

On HWY 123 near Greenville Pickens Speedway going towards Easley, SC

Where: 3800 Calhoun Memorial Highway, Easley, SC 29640
On the same side of the road as the fairgrounds – look for the wrecked police car.

4 Screams in one: The Forbidden Forest, House of the Dead, Friday the 13th Haunted Maze, and the Evil Fortune Teller!


The Vault of Horror Haunted House (downtown)

What: Vault of Horror One day, a man lost his son at the show. He looked high and low for him. The man attended the show each night in hopes of finding his son, and as he left on the last night, he passed a cage with the oddest creature in it. As he looked into the eyes of the creature, he saw his son’s eyes looking back.
The man confronted Raymond and knocked him to the ground. Raymond snapped, recalling his childhood trauma. He struck the man and killed him in front of hundreds of witnesses. The cops came and arrested him.
The next day, Raymond Hunt III disappeared from police custody. The Traveling House of Freaks was never seen again, until a poor soul opened the Vault.
The Vault of Horror.
In it, he found the most unique, terrifying, inspiring, and bloodcurdling collection know to man.
Do you dare to enter?

Where: 245 North Main Street, Greenville, SC 29601
Next to Jersey Mike’s and the Beaded Frog, across Main from the Hyatt, near the intersection of Main Street and Beatty.


Fear Factory / Walking Dead Zombie Maze / Circus Mayhem

Description: Greenville’s biggest haunted attraction will blow. you. away. Not only is it the creepiest, scariest, most detailed haunted house you’ve ever seen, but there’s 50,000 square feet of it. Fear Factory Haunted House will terrify even the most stoic horror fans. Circus Mayhem will fulfill your creepy clown quota for the rest of your life. And that might not be long, because the Walking Dead Maze will keep you in close quarters with some very hungry undead. There’s tons of free parking on-site and plenty of room for all.

Where: 555 Haywood Road, Greenville, SC 29607
In the Babies R Us shopping center, on the far left (in the old Steve & Barry’s location), above Halloween Express. Entrance is on the left side of the building.



MADWORLD Haunted attraction and zombie shoot


MADWORLD is unlike your regular “run-of-the-mill” haunted house. These days, haunted houses are overpriced and the experience lasts about five minutes.

Not here.

MADWORLD was created with the idea in mind to allow you to interact with the haunt as much as possible. When you drive into this haunted attraction and park your car, you have entered a whole new world; a world that is dark, eerie, apocalyptic, and strange beyond your imagination.

WHERE: 147 country manor rd. Piedmont, SC 29673



Hawk & Toms Nightmare on Pendleton St.

Not far from downtown Greenville SC located on Pendelton St.

Pretty easy to find… most likely has a hearse out front!


The Boneyard Trail of terror
203 Green Rd, Wellford, South Carolina

Myspace page


Treedines Haunted Farm presents
Camp Crystal Lake and Jeepers Creepers

1506 Durham Rd, Piedmont, South Carolina
Phone: 864-947-9238


Ghillie Man Woods
489 Cassell Rd, Liberty, South Carolina


Lost Emerald Farm presents
Pirates of the Lost Emerald
2761 Overbrook Dr, Gaffney, South Carolina
Phone: 800-769-7228


Suburban Blood Trail
288 Ford Cir, 288 Ford Cir, Greer, South Carolina


Wompus Wood Haunted Trail
330 Paris Rd, Cowpens, South Carolina
Phone: 864-578-6175

Myspace page


Comment below and tell us about other cool Halloween attractions! Know any cool haunted houses in  clemson spartanburg anderson easley gaffney or greenwood sc?

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