Is Poinsett Bridge In Greenville SC haunted?

Is Poinsett Bridge In Greenville SC haunted?

Over the years there have been many rumors of hauntings at the Poinsett Bridge. The reports include strange sounds, mysterious lights, automotive problems and other phenomena.

The bridge is named for Joel R. Poinsett, who was the first Commission of Public works in SC. The historically significant structure has been said to be near indian burial grounds, the site of slave lynchings and possibly built using slave labor. For a fact, the land has ancestral heritage tied to the native Americans who inhabited the land before Greenville County was founded. They were eventually pushed off their land all over the foothills of the Upstate.

It spans Little Gap Creek and is an attraction for tourists, photographers and the paranormally curious. But you aren’t here for the history… that’s easy to find!

Over the years my personal experiences at this location have included:

  1. Numerous “Orb” anomalies nearly every time in photos. Also glowing anomalies and “mists” as well…
  2. Battery drains in devices
  3. In one instance I mentioned that I felt as if we were being watched from the hill across the street by spirits.. Just then the K2 EMF meter went absolutely ballistic. This is odd due to there being no electrical sources nearby and barely even any cell phone signals reach this spot. The meter was sitting on the stone wall with nothing near it.

So in 2015 while I was in early development of my CrossTalkEVP 2.0 software for android I took my tablet to Poinsett Bridge for a test. The software is designed to help spirits communicate in real time by randomly playing back chopped up audio for them to use to form responses. What better place for a test?

Well we got a quite a few responses during that test session. In one recorded response we hear “I fell” in another we hear “they are here” and in another response we hear…

“I’ll help you… you are surrounded.” Is that enough evidence for you?

There is certainly a strong concentration paranormal energy at this and many other locations in the Upstate. So if you are looking for a place to practice your ghost hunting skills, rest assured this is a one of the hot spots that you will want to visit.

Now check out the video of the test of my CrossTalkEVP 2.0 app and listen for yourself to the responses. The robot voice you are hearing is vocal fragments from a computer chip that enables speech in devices for the seeing disabled. The app chops up those vocal fragments and plays the pieces randomly… It takes a little getting used to in order hear the responses clearly.

I didn’t annotate all of the responses… but I did annotate some of them in this video so click play…