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Meet your creepy tour guides…

Jason at Army store downtown GreenvilleJason Profit | Full Time Tour Guide & Creator of Greenville Ghost Tour

For the past 10 years, Jason has been telling the stories of Greenville’s haunted past AND present. Known by many around the downtown area simply as “Ghostman,” Jason is well known for gathering creepy tales of the hauntings experienced downtown Greenville. As more and more folks open up and share their ghostly tales, Jason continues to evolve the tour since not all ghosts are 200 years old!

Jason’s paranormal research and the Greenville Ghost Tour have been feature by many local news outlets and magazines. Make sure to order a copy of Jason’s book “Haunted Greenville South Carolina.”

-In 2018 Jason and Greenville Ghost Tour were featured in the independent show “Haunted Routes: Evil East Coast Highway!” Check it out on Amazon Prime!

Laura ~ part time tour guide Greenville ghost tourTrixie Bizarre | Part Time Tour Guide

Trixe spent nearly a year learning how to tell Greenville’s ghost stories just as Jason intended. Quite an amazing feat considering how picky Jason is about the details! Rest assured, when Trixe is your guide you are going to have a lot of spooktacular fun and experience Greenville Ghost Tour just as Jason designed it… corny jokes and all! She was even featured on the Travel Mamas Blog when one of their Mamas came for a visit! Read the story here!
Before she got involved in all this creepy ghost tour stuff, she had been a friend of Jason’s for a few years and had been involved in his paranormal research and ghost hunting classes. Quite the oddball from birth, Trixe fits our freaky family well. If you happen to get this weirdo as your tour guide you are in very good hands… Tip her well!


Would you like to be part of our team?

We are now hiring 3-4 part time tour guides! If you think you are entertaining enough to be one of our creepy guides, then check our our JOBS PAGE by clicking here for details…