Is Antonio Bertolo’s Pizza Downtown Greenville SC Haunted?

Is Antonio Bertolo’s Pizza downtown Greenville SC haunted? The owner sure seems to think so!

Greenville Ghost Tour has long told the stories of downtown Greenville’s ghostly activities, including the stories about Bertolo’s. ¬†Below is a video from some interviews conducted during the Halloween season of 2016 by Jennifer Martin of Scene on 7.

Tony Bertolo is a friend of Greenville Ghost Tour due to the hauntings that he is has experienced himself! Our infamous Haunted Pub Crawl makes Antonio Bertolo’s our last stop and has for years now. ¬†They often look the doors and clean around our guests as we tell their haunted events.

Sometimes the staff has had some new paranormal event take place and is eager to tell our guests when we arrive. Sometimes… Sometimes… Our guests themselves have their OWN experiences at Antonio Bertolo’s. We think that adds a little something special to the night… don’t you agree?

So make sure you get your ticket for our Haunted Pub Crawl when you see it is available on our schedule of tours. We take guests on this tour much of the year, but as you can imagine it is a far more popular event during the Halloween season!

While some folks like to go to haunted houses and those types of attractions, others prefer something a little more cerebral and… well… REAL. There are no myths or rumors on our tours… we take you directly to the most haunted places downtown Greenville SC.

If you watch til the end you will see some clips of our Halloween only “The LATE Tour.” This tour ends in the massive Springwood Cemetery. The same night that these interviews too place, the reporter had her little scare as her camera experienced a haze or a “mist”… Just like many other guests do when they take pictures on our tours!

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