The Greenville Ghost Tour by Jason Profit was born in 2008 after Jason had uncovered several lost bits of haunted past here in Greenville.. it was a very small beginning. In 2010, Jason made the decision to make the Greenville Ghost Tour available year round as a full time tourist attraction downtown Greenville. Greenville Ghost Tour is a licensed tour business recognized by the City of Greenville and has been featured by nearly every major news organization in the area including Fox Carolina and Greenville Business Magazine.

Jason is a local private paranormal researcher and psychic reader in Greenville, SC who has clients all over the world who seek his insights and guidance. Jason’s interest in the spirit world began early in life. He was born to a God fearing Christian woman who also happened to cleanse homes of ghosts and demons in the name of God. His mother and another well respected Christian community leader here in Greenville, used to be known as the ones to call when the ghosts had moved in. Even today, she still helps when the spirits lead people to ask her, “Can you help me get rid of these?”

Jason spent his early years of life side by side with the spirits his mother was sending on their way… As a child he grew up in some of the most haunted homes here in South Carolina and beyond. Kind of a by product of being related to an old school “ghost buster.”  His knowledge of hauntings and the spiritual world has led him to a life long passion for private paranormal research. This research culminated into the Greenville Ghost Tour and eventually led to Jason’s book “Haunted Greenville South Carolina” being published by The History Press.

You can understand why this is no ordinary ghost tour or Halloween attraction. Some of the stories you will hear about the locations here in Greenville are exclusive details… only available because Jason actually LIVED these haunting experiences. Some of these haunting facts tie all the way back to the founding of Greenville itself!

Literally decades of ghost hunting experience are available via this website. Not only is this the home of The Original Greenville Ghost Tour… This website also serves as a point of help for those in need… What does that mean?

Do you think your home or office is haunted? GOT GHOSTS?

Contact us for help! Jason Profit can arrange a paranormal investigation at your home or office. His teams can attempt to document any paranormal activity you may be witnessing and try to contact the spirits.

If need be… He can even arrange to help rid your home from particularly troublesome spirits!

This site is here to teach, to help, to entertain and to help keep Greenville history alive… with a ghostly twist.

Now book your Greenville Ghost Tour with confidence knowing your tour guide is the real deal.

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