Paranormal Investigation

Sometimes when things go bump in the night… it may be more than just your house settling!

Greenville, SC paranormal investigation and ghost hunters

  • Do you think your house or business is haunted?
  • Do you want to see if we can document evidence of what you are experiencing?
  • Are you a downtown Greenville business that is experiencing strange or paranormal activity?

We might be able to help! is more than just a home for the Greenville Ghost Tour online. It is a place for folks to come when they need help understanding strange or haunting occurrences they may be experiencing.

High levels of paranormal activity include:

  • Objects moving around on their own
  • Odd electrical problems
  • Shadows on walls
  • Bites, scratches or pinches
  • Physical touches from nowhere
  • Things that go missing and return later somewhere else
  • Physical manifestations of voices, sounds or full apparitions

Jason Profit heads up this private paranormal research division for several reasons:

  1. To document paranormal activity by various electronic and physical means
  2. To find possible NON paranormal explanations if applicable
  3. To help those who are truly experiencing disturbing spiritual activity find the help they need to have peace
  4. Cleanse places and people that may be hosting unwanted spiritual guests

If you are experiencing haunting things in your home, give us a call. Jason can arrange a private paranormal investigation at your location in the Greenville / Spartanburg area along with most other parts of the general upstate of SC.

It is important to understand the difference between a “ghost hunting group” versus a serious paranormalist or Paranormal Researcher.

There are many folks who have watched the popular TV shows about ghost hunting and have formed “groups” who “hunt ghosts”. These amateur groups, while being good social fun, often do NOT have the spiritual grounding and experience to find much evidence NOR cleanse your home of unwanted spirits. Even worse, attempting to communicate with the spirits can actually INCREASE the activity and attract more spirits. This is not what you want.

Jason Profit is a psychic and paranormalist who often works alone, but sometimes uses the help of hand selected associates. As an child, Jason sat by as his mother was cleansing homes of spirits so his lifetime of studying the weird, paranormal and ghostly things around us came honestly… not as a fad due to some TV shows. Jason employs much of the modern technology other paranormal researchers use, but combines these tools with his own intuitive gifts and sensitivity to spirit.

Although controversial in the “scientific paranormal community”, many times his methods, psychic impressions and the scientific tools work together to create the optimum circumstances for capturing evidence of the other side. Even more important is the fact that Jason knows what to do protect your space and help prevent an increase in paranormal activity… Then he can go on to remove unwanted spirits and cleanse your home or work place if needed.

When you contact Jason for help, he will discuss your needs and concerns and determine what actions should be taken for your particular case.

Some folks do not want a full blown scientific investigation to document proof… they just want Jason to come feel their space and cleanse it of negative energy and spirits. They just want it gone! That is fine too…

Others want to see if Jason can capture documented evidence of the same ghostly activities they have seen, felt or heard.

With that in mind we basically offer two services:

1) Full paranormal investigation (no charge but donations appreciated)

2) Reading/Cleansing of your home or business ($200 service fee)

How much does it cost?**

There are no traditional “charges” for paranormal investigation… but we ask that you consider making a donation to help off set the expense and huge amount of time these investigations demand. It can take tens of hours to review evidence and actually conduct these investigations. As you may have guessed, some of the equipment used can be rather pricey as well. Not to mention consumable expenses such as gasoline, batteries, ETC.

Jason has been led by spirit to personally fund many such cleansings and investigations out of his own pocket for those who are truly in need of help. Such is the nature of private paranormal research… By donating you help Jason continue to offer these services to those in the Greenville area who cannot afford to donate.

Through cleansing, it is possible to remove unwanted spirits AND negative energies from your home or workplace. Jason can cleanse your home remotely as well… no matter where in the world you may be! Call for details… 864-248-6472

Every cleansing and investigation is handled with the utmost discretion and privacy. All evidence gathered is private and personal. We never share private evidence collected during cases unless we ask specific permission to share certain things publically. Your personal privacy and peace of mind is our highest concern.

Suggested Donations: (Greenville area) Please include your phone number

-Full paranormal investigation of your home or business $85

Phone Number:

-Reading and cleansing of home or business $200

Phone Number:

You may even donate to Greenville Ghost just to show your support of Jason’s help and research into the paranormal… even if you don’t need an investigation! Just choose your donation amount and you can pay with Paypal.

We cannot accept every request for paranormal investigation that comes through our office. Only the most serious cases are considered.

Please understand that as a busy professional, Jason’s time to investigate cases is very limited. Each case will be reviewed for consideration and severity. We cannot guarantee that every case will be accepted.

To see how to schedule a paranormal investigation or cleansing contact Jason using the form below.

Also if you work at or own a downtown Greenville business and are experiencing paranormal activity, we would love to talk to you and hear your experiences. Jason has been trusted by downtown businesses with their ghostly reports for nearly a decade. In fact, your stories and experiences are what helps our tour evolve!

**While there are no set fees for these services in the Greenville / Spartanburg area, travel charges will apply to cases outside of the Greenville area. Jason Profit and Greenville Ghost will be glad to investigate and assist you no matter where you live the in US or Canada!