Downtown Greenville: 10 wannabe teenage thugs threaten a couple in parking garage with toy gun

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On Saturday evening 9/14/2013 around 10:30pm, a couple was in a downtown Greenville, SC parking garage when they were approached by a group of 10 African American teenage wannabe thugs who were trying to be intimidating. One of the wannabe thugs pulled a toy gun on the couple and the couple carefully got into their car. Upon driving off, the teen shot at the rear window leaving damage. It was a BB gun that had pulled on this couple.

As reported by WORD 1330 and 950 news talk radio.

As a downtown Greenville business owner and a father,  I am disgusted that more local media outlets are not covering this type of increasing violent activity. Count on me to bring you the unpopular news in an opinionated manner as the Greenville Ghost Tour attempts to get attention about these matters for YOUR safety.

I invite Mayor Knox White and the Greenville City Police department to consider the fact that this kind of crap will CEASE to happen with a city wide open carry ordinance. Until then Greenville Ghost NEWS Network will bring you the hauntings AND the teenage violence problem Downtown Greenville. It is MY business after all to share the dark side of Greenville, SC. It is the business of Mayor Knox White, Greenville City Counsel and The Greenville City Police Department to make the town safe for all of us to enjoy.

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~Jason Profit (THE creepiest guy in town)

UPDATE!!! According to Fox Carolina there has been a turn of events in this case! Greenville Police have made 7 arrests in the case. Thankfully investigators have made headway in this event and the “thugs” in question range in age from 12-15.

I want to applaud the Gville PD for being able to gain ground in what many of us Central Business District biz owners see as a growing problem for the safety of our guests and customers. Attempted robbery and malicious damage are the charges and hopefully this will send a message to the other wannabe “thugs” that think they can get away with crap like this…

Source for update: Fox Carolina