Greenville has plans to upgrade security cameras downtown! SC

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It today’s update I am happy to report some upcoming positive improvements in Downtown Greenville security. Just three days ago the announcement was made that Greenville of City will be upgrading it’s aging camera security system by adding newer cameras with high resolution cams and increasing the lighting in some of the key crime areas.

This is a good start to helping citizens be a little safer downtown. Having the higher resolution cams means that it will be easier to identify wrong doers with more detail. Also having better lighting in some of these areas gives better results with older and newer cameras.

I commend the city for this step forward in making downtown safer for our tour guests as well all visitors downtown Greenville. One thing that may help be more of deterrent is SIGNAGE that lets the visitors and criminals both know that they are being recorded. The knowledge of the cameras being there is a huge preventative to the crimes and violence. Just having cameras up doesn’t really prevent crime, but having strobes on the cams and simple signs that make everyone aware of them goes a long way in making the cameras more effective as a deterrent.

Original story by Anna Lee of the Greenville News and picked up by The State. Read full story here!

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