Greenville Glides Segway tour tries to copy Greenville Ghost Tours Success with a haunted tour!

Greenville Glides Segway tour tries to copy Greenville Ghost Tours Success with a haunted tour!

They DO say imitation is the greatest form of flattery! Get the REAL Greenville Ghost Tour…

Greenville ghost tour 2014 schedule

Greenville ghost tours LATE tour

Walk ups welcome! Come on down! If we are not sold out we will welcome you!

>Thurs-Sun Night Ghost Tours start at 8pm and 10:30pm (fri &Sat) In front of Greenville Army Store 660 S. Main St… be 15 min early.

The Original Greenville Ghost Tour is the only authentic haunted tour downtown Greenville, SC. Make no mistake about it!

Don’t be fooled by those trying to cash in on the Halloween season!

So one of the many loyal GGT minions notified me that Greenville Glides was trying to offer a haunted tour on their segways this October I actually got a chuckle. Since I have spent the last 10 years doing my OWN research and investigations to develop the ever evolving stories contained in the Greenville Ghost Tour, I knew there was only ONE source for haunted stories downtown. Me! Jason Profit, creator of the only REAL haunted tour downtown as featured by nearly every major news outlet in Greenville dating all the back to 2008.

So I decided to call Greenville Glides and confirm this rumor… A man answered the phone and I asked. “Is it true that you guys are offering a haunted tour this year?” He had to confirm with a female whom I heard in the back ground… “Um yeah we are still working on the details… it will be in October.” I said “May I speak to the manager?” He confirms he is the manager…I continue, “Well good, Just make sure you are not plagiarizing any of my published stories.” “Who is this” he says… “I am Jason Profit, Owner of the original Greenville Ghost Tour which has been running since 2008, we are the second tour company in Greenville and my book is the only source for ghost stories downtown Greenville. Just make sure you are not trying to plagerize my copyrighted works and we have no problems… by the way I WILL have a plant on your tours making sure you don’t steal my hard work.”

He began sounding nervous… which indicated to me that they likely WERE planning to use my copyrighted works as a basis for their COPYCAT tour… “Oh we won’t be using any of your stories on our haunted tour” he proclaims in a shaky voice.

So if you want to hear the REAL ghost stories of hauntings downtown Greenville and actually visit THE MOST haunted places downtown… Make sure you are the on the ONLY Original Greenville Ghost Tour which has been created and is LED by the most publicized¬† paranormal expert in the Upstate.

Don’t wast your money on copy cats! The ORIGINAL Greenville Ghost Tour is the only that has the details of the REAL haunted tales and most active haunts downtown.

Now if you want to have a lazy stroll around town… please do check out Greenville Glides Segway Tour. They offer a unique opportunity for those who want to see Greenville from a different perspective… We encourage folks to visit ALL tour operators in the downtown Greenville area. Just don’t fall for the copy cat stuff.

Jason Profit

Proprietor of the ORIGINAL Greenville Ghost Tour

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