Where to buy RT-EVP ghost box and digital voice recorder for ghost hunting

Created by the man who designed the MEL meter devices specifically for paranormal use, this recorder does it all!

First it is a very high quality recorder with extended frequency recording range according the creator… Thus allowing a greater range of EVP ability.

Next, this device has a built in ghost box feature which has been seen used on Ghost Adventures many times. Similar to the “Franks Box” or Ghost Box, this digital recorder has a built in radio receiver and you can adjust the scan frequency speed. Essentially making this the smallest available ghost box device!

The RT-EVP is also the only voice recorder that has live review so you may play back in the field to see if you get a response while still recording.

With all of the great features it is not wonder why these RT-EVP spirit box digital recorder combos often sell out fast.

So what are you waiting for? Click that buy button below to see if we have any in stock! Best order one now!

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