Ghost hunting with The Rise Guys Guys Greenville Army Navy Store 2011 evidence

It was late 2011… Halloween was approaching, and as usual I was getting swamped with inquiries about the Greenville Ghost Tour. A message arrives and it is from FatBoy… No no no… That is his name on the radio folks. So FatBoy is on a popular local radio show called The Rise Guys on 93.3 The Planet and tells me that they try and hunt ghosts every year. He was wondering if I could take them some place really haunted. Since I had to make some special arrangements I told I would get back to him and got to work.

I figured this would be the perfect time to try and schedule a block buster location to investigate. After looking over my options, I went and talked to my friends at Greenville Army Store since they have had some strange things happen. The Army Navy store downtown is one of Greenville South Carolinas’ oldest family run stores. Opened in 1946 by Harry Zaglin and still run to this very day by his son… Jeff. Over the years Jeff and his staff have come to trust the Greenville Ghost Tour enough to share their own haunted encounters in the store with me in my book: Haunted Greenville South Carolina, published 2011 The History Press

Once Jeff agreed to allow me to bring our guests in for this exclusive first time investigation, I let FatBoy know that I had a special ghost hunt planned for them. Here is the thing, I only told them that they were getting access to an exclusive investigation in one of the oldest business downtown. They had no idea where the location was until just a couple of days before the actual event… You can imagine their surprise when they found exactly where we were going.

Since we were in there for nearly two hours, the video below is just the highlights of what turned out to be a very eventful night. This is a full television show length video featuring the high points… but at 28 minutes long this mean you may should pause the video for 5 or 10 minutes before you attempt to watch it all the way through.

In the first part, we find ourselves in the basement… where something touches my “Geophone” vibration sensor while no one is near. Then several of our batteries drain. First in my camera, then in The Rise Guys voice recorder… From there we discover a strange EMF anomaly upstairs on the retail floor. Then later in the video we conduct a ghost box session (similar to a Franks box) where the spirits call out my name, then the names of several of The Rise Guys team. During this session, determine for yourself is the is the decease proprietor of the Army Store telling us “You don’t get it” …. “Come back next week”… “Get out…. we’re closed”…

Enjoy! Oh and if YOU haven’t been on the Greenville Ghost Tour yet… go ahead and order your tickets now!

Also go shopping at Greenville Army Navy Store right downtown and tell them Greenville Ghost Tour sent you in… just make sure you say to Harry too!

Greenville Ghost Tour: Ghost hunting with The Rise Guys 2011 Army-Navy Store Evidence box

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