Monstercon 2014 Psychic Jason Profit attempts to make a cloud vanish from the sky

Monstercon 2014 is coming up July 18th – 20th in Greenville South Carolina.

Jason Profit, local psychic, author and creator of Greenville Ghost Tour will be there as a literary guest and is making an extraordinary claim. He claims that he will attempt to make a cloud vanish on one of the three days of the convention using psychokinetic powers.

Weather permitting, Jason will try and use only the power of his mind to make a selected cloud vanish from the sky above Timmons Arena at Furman University. This public display will be open for all who want to witness it and is not an illusion nor is it a magic trick. In fact, Jason says that others in attendance can actually help him using their mind power as well.

Will Jason Profit actually be able to cause a cloud to disappear from above spectators heads?

Come to Monstercon and find out!

Details about Monstercon 2014 can be found at their website