Green Laser Grid as seen on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International

Green Laser Grid as seen on TVs Ghost Hunters!

So you have been shopping around to buy one of those cool new Laser Grids you saw on TV right? You found the nets #1 supplier of Laser Grids for paranormal investigation!

The HOTTEST new gadget for your ghost hunting adventures is now here! This green laser grid is just like the one used on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International!

Watch out for the imitators trying to sell you a puny 5mw green laser. Jason Profit wanted to bring you the BEST! Our Laser grid is a full 30mw! This unit is SIX TIMES stronger than the imitators! It will shine for about 8 miles without the star filter that makes the grid.

“What a great new tool to add to any ghost hunters tool kit! I am now making use of this tool at haunted locations where ever movement has been reported.” ~Jason Profit

Laser Grid as seen on TV!

This device emits a grid of green dots which can be used as visual anchors in your photos or videos. The smallest disturbances due to movement, shadows or other paranormal activity may be easier to see in your photos. Set up the grid and blanket an entire room with green dots.

Laser Grid Only $32.97

Free Shipping in the USA! Order yours now!

Shipping Note: For best supply this item ships directly from our Hong Kong warehouse within 3-5 days of payment. Delivery from Hong Kong to the USA is via EMS and is usually pretty quick taking from 7-12 days. Occasionally there are customs delays that may slow down delivery, but delays are rare. This item only ships to the USA at this time!

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