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Order Jason Profit’s new book “Haunted Greenville!”

Jason Profits Haunted Greenville
Order your copy of Jason Profits NEW book “Haunted Greenville South Carolina” available NOW!

This long awaited new book features riveting tales of Haunted Greenville South Carolina bound to leave you looking over your shoulder when the lights go out.

Many of these ghostly stories have never been told, until now. Trusted Psychic and Ghost Hunter Jason Profit shares the haunted tales featured on the Greenville Ghost Tour as well as other hauntings and some of Jason’s own real life Paranormal Investigations.

Order your  copy TODAY and be certain that you will be one of the first to get your hands on these ghostly tales. Haunted Greenville is  Available NOW so this will make a GREAT Christmas present for your favorite ghost hunter!

ORDER  NOW! only $19.97 + $5 S&H!

Book is available now and take 5-7 days to ship.


Greenville Ghost Tour Souvenir Tshirt!

Get your souvenir Tshirt to show folks you survived the Greenville Ghost Tour


Show them you survived the Greenville Ghost Tour with this limited edition souvenir t shirt. Available in any color you want so long as you want BLACK. Better order now before this design crosses over to the other side….





Sport the famous Circle Ghost logo… Just a cool $20!

Size :


Give us 5-7 days to ship your shirt!


Jason Profit’s Geophone like seen on TV!

Greenville Ghost Geophone

This simple device is like Geophone that you are seeing used on your favorite TV ghost hunter shows. This Geophone by Jason Profit is set up JUST for ghost hunters with features YOU NEED! Our Geophone includes a REMOTE control so that you can arm it from outside the room. It is also hyper sensitive to any micro surface vibration such as footsteps, knocks and bangs.

Put it on the second floor or back bedroom… if the bumps you hear are physical manifestations then this Geophone will sound a loud alarm for 40 seconds! Priceless tool for helping gather more evidence of paranormal knocks and footsteps. Compare ours to the one sold by our good friends at Ghost Augustine… We are sure ours will make it to your favorites list!

Only $29.97 with FREE shipping in the USA!

International Orders +$15 S&H.

Shipping Note: Depending on supply please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery! These are hot items and we are having to have a lot made!


Green Laser Grid as seen on TV!

The HOTTEST new gadget for your ghost hunter is now here! This green laser grid is just like the one used on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International!

Watch out for the imitators trying to sell you a puny 5mw green laser. Jason Profit wanted to bring you the BEST! Our Laser grid is a full 30mw! This unit is SIX TIMES stronger than the imitators!

Laser Grid as seen on TV!

This device emits a grid of green dots which can be used as visual anchors in your photos or videos. The smallest disturbances due to movement,  shadows or other paranormal activity may be easier to see in your photos. Set up the grid and blanket an entire room with green dots.

Laser Grid Only $32.97

Free Shipping in the USA!

Please Note: This device is only to be used by trained professionals for research purposes. Only for use in paranormal research and astronomy. Misuse of this device WILL get you in trouble. Never look into the laser as green lasers are especially dangerous to your eyes. You assume all risk of use.

Shipping Note:  Depending on supply please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery! These are hot items and sell out fast! This item only ships to the USA!


Real K2 EMF meter! All new for 2010!

Buy K2 KII emf meter onlineK2 EMF Meter Only $64.97

Free Shipping in the USA! What a Great Christmas gift for your favorite ghost hunter!

Buyers OUTSIDE of USA use the buy button below! (Includes $15 INTL shipping)

International Orders

This is the REAL DEAL! Order your Brand NEW original K2 EMF meter as seen on the Ghost Hunters TV show! Have an upcoming student in “ghost hunters academy?” This is just what your aspiring ghost hunter needs!

IN STOCK! ORDER NOW in time for Christmas!

This meter is all new for 2010 so that you do not have to wedge a coin in the on button! This K2 meter has a push on / push off push button which allows far greater reliability from the factory. So many folks were modifying these meters in this way, now the manufacture has heard our cries and redesigned this amazing tool!

Also known as the KII meter or safe home meter, it has become the standard detection tool in the ghost hunters tool kit.

Here are a few reasons it is so popular with the paranormal crowd:

  1. Incredible results AS SEEN ON TV!
  2. Great battery life. 3-6 months on one 9v battery.
  3. Very durable= Drop it and it won’t break.
  4. Super easy to read in the dark. Confirm paranormal activity from across the room!
  5. The meter makes NO noise so it won’t interfere with your recordings.
  6. Detects EMF levels very quickly so you have instant response.

Researchers have been using this meter to get yes and no answers and other interaction with the spirit world for years now. You can ask the spirit to light up the lights a little or a lot… you will be amazed!

Order one for yourself or several for your ghost hunting teams! We even include directions on how to use it for paranormal use AND for every day EMF detection.

This meter will ship within 7-10 days depending on demand, it often ships much faster. Made in the USA!

IN STOCK! Order NOW! Perfect Christmas gift for your ghost hunter!

Order NOW Only $64.97!

Free Shipping in the USA! Click Add to Cart Now!

Buyers OUTSIDE of USA use the buy button below! (Includes $15 INTL shipping)

International Orders

International shipping is $15. Buyer is responsible for duties and fees that may arise from importing items to their home country. We are not responsible for delays caused by your home countries customs department.


Latest model Ghost Box radio to hit the market is the BEST yet!

Buy your ghost box spirit box today!

You are buying the very latest model “Ghost Box” radio for ghost

hunting research. This brand new 2012 model ghost box gives far better results than the older ones seen on the internet!

The radios that I modify into ghost boxes are getting HARD to find so buy yours TODAY!


Buy Now $99.97!

Sorry… No Longer Available For Purchase. Try CrossTalkEVP for Android and turn your mobile phone into a Franks Box! Click here!!!

Buyers OUTSIDE of the USA use the buy button below!
International Orders + $15 S$H

These new model radios have been modified by famous psychic and paranormalist Jason Profit to continuously scan radio stations up and down for use during paranormal investigations. The audio scan is very clean and does not contain annoying popping sounds like the older models used to. Whats even better is there is now an INTERNAL speaker making it truly portable for field research.

“I use this Ghost Box radio for easy, portable two way spirit communication during my own paranormal investigations. Every paranormal investigator and would be ghost hunter should have this amazing tool!” ~Jason Profit

What is a ghost box or franks box?

The “ghost box” or “franks box” is truly a unique concept … a sort of spirit telephone system if you will. You can literally ask questions and get answers… LIVE in REAL TIME! Unlike EVP recordings where you have to go back listen to what you have recorded,with  these ghost boxes you have full 2 way communication with the other side. Of course you will need to practice in order to get the best results. Sometimes the messages are clear and easily understood, sometimes they are more intermixed with random sounds and audio bits.

Frank Sumption was experimenting with some software one day when he came up with the idea of building his frequency scanning device to help aid in spirit communication. The thing is, ORIGINAL franks boxes are rare as he does not build them for sale. Our Ghost Box radio is the next best thing! You can even use MORE than one of these at a time to enhance the communication! Order 2 or 3!

While using this Ghost Box radio, you should always have your digital recorder going so you can listen later… you may be surprised at just how much you pick up! Watch the video at the link below to see the Ghost Box in action!

Click HERE to watch a video of Jason using the Ghost Box at a haunted site!

This radio is brand new and has been modified to create a continuous scan of radio stations. The theory is that this allows an easy way for spirits to communicate with the living in a two way LIVE, REAL TIME way. This Ghost Box radio will scan continuously up or down in FM mode. This model also includes and  even louder INTERNAL speaker so it truly is portable!

ATTENTION: These radios are getting extremely hard to find to ORDER NOW before the supplies dry up!

NOTE: Due to radio shack changing the circuit board in 2012, you must HOLD the scan button for the continuous stream of sound… if you let go it will stop scanning.


What exactly is included in this package:

  • Brand new Ghost Box radio modified by Jason Profit (as pictured)
  • Fast scanning for less radio interference
  • Written instructions for paranormal use with tips from Jasons actual field experiences
  • Absolutely FREE shipping anywhere in the USA!

3 AAA batteries not included!

Buy Now $79.97!

Sorry… No Longer Available For Purchase. Try CrossTalkEVP for Android and turn your mobile phone into a Franks Box! Click here!!!

Free Shipping in the USA!

Buyers outside of USA use the buy link below ($15 shipping added)
International Orders

Please Note: This device may take 7-14 business days to ship depending on demand.

International shipping is $15. Buyer is responsible for duties and fees that may arise from importing items to their home country. We are not responsible for delays caused by your home countries customs department.


Cross Talk:

Experiment 2 way spirit communication by Jason Profit

The next evolution of 2 way spirit communication has arrived!

My amazing “Cross Talk EVP” package is a how-to guide that teaches you how to conduct real time 2 way EVP or crosstalk 2 way evp guide and softwareinstrumental transcommunication with the other side! Thanks to a recent breakthrough in EVP software, you can now use your COMPUTER instead of a hard to find franks box or annoying cheap ghost box!

This Cross Talk package also contains Jason Profits exclusive “CrossTalk EVP” software which will enable you to actually achieve much more easy to understand spirit communication. This incredible software basically generates a much better random fragmented audio scan than the ghost boxes which the spirits can use to speak more clearly. You will create a continuous stream of audio fragments just like the impossible to get franks box…

You will be able to ask your questions and get answers in real time!
Why do EVPs the old fashioned way?

You can just carry your laptop to any investigation and begin using the Cross Talk EVP spftware to conduct your real time 2 way EVPs. You can even get your digital voice recorder to record the responses you get!

You should really Click Here for the FULL description!

Order NOW only $24.97! ON SALE now for just $18.97!!! Sale ends soon!

Your CrossTalk EVP Software and guide will be available as an instant download after your purchase!

Minimum System Recommendations:
1.0GHz Processor
1GB Ram
Sound Card
Stereo Speakers
.Net Framework 3.5
DirectX 8.0
Windows XP, Vista, or 7
System current with Microsoft Update

Your results may vary. You assume all responsibility for use of this information. This software is intended for use as a paranormal research tool only.

This will not be mailed to you, it is a downloadable product. After your payment is made you should be taken to download page for immediate download of your purchase, you also will be emailed your download links within 24 hours or less.


Other Recommended Ghost Hunting Items

Due to HIGH demand, the manufacturer of K2 meters is experienceing delays in shipping to ALL suppliers. All K2 meters ordered will ship within 14-21 days after your order. Still plenty of time for your Christmas shopping! Please be aware of the shipping delay before ordering!