Ghost Hunting Class

Basic Ghost Hunting Class 2014

greenville ghost hunting class by jason profit

Taught by trusted Psychic and Paranormal Investigator: Jason Profit. Jason is also the author “Haunted Greenville South Carolina” published by The History Press.

For the first time ever, Jason Profit has put together his methods and teachings about ghost hunting into an actual Ghost Hunting Class!

This Ghost Hunting Class is designed to introduce you to the basics of hunting ghosts and gathering paranormal evidence at haunted locations.

So you want to learn how to hunt ghosts? Register now online or CALL 864-248-6472 if you prefer to pay cash at the door!


Jason Profit is no stranger to the paranormal… His mother was chasing spirits out of folks homes since  Jason was 2 years old. As a baby, Jasons family lived in one of the most darkly haunted houses in Greenville county. With a lifetime of expertise in the field of the paranormal, Jason is the most experienced teacher your are going to find! Jason founded the Greenville Ghost Tour and has been sharing the hidden spirits of Greenville’s past and present with the curious for years now.

Jason has been featured by nearly every major local news organization and now he wants to share his ghost hunting knowledge and expertise with YOU!

This interactive lecture style class will include photo evidence, recordings of spirit communication and even video of paranormal activity. Jasons’ teaching style is fun and informative so that you will be able to learn how to conduct a basic paranormal investigation and get results. Class lasts for about 3 hours and packs in a lot of information into one single class.

During class you will learn how to use and get hands on experience with paranormal tools such as:

  • Digital Cameras
  • Digital Voice Recorders
  • Spirit Communication Devices like the Ghost Box and Jasons infamous CrossTalk EVP software
  • ElectroMagnetic Field Meters (EMF like the K2)
  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Dowsing Rods and Pendulums

Some of the things Jason will teach you in the Basic Ghost Hunting Class:

  • Protecting yourself / Safety
  • Interviewing potential clients
  • Proper Mindset for investigation
  • Use and understanding of the various basic ghost hunting tools
  • Proper attire for ghost hunting
  • How not to contaminate the evidence
  • How to have the best chances of catching paranormal activity
  • Why being a super skeptic might not help you any
  • What are orbs?
  • Reviewing the evidence
  • Much much more!

Class exercises will give you hands on experience with several devices used regularly by Jason on his haunted explorations. Be prepared to learn a lot! Wise students will take notes! No audio or video recording will be allowed during class.

Students will all receive a free copy of Jason Profits infamous CrossTalk EVP spirit communication software as well as a Certificate of Completion for Jason Profits Basic Ghost Hunting Class. You will be certified as a basic ghost hunter! You will also get a full handbook which includes advanced ghost hunting and investigation planning details AND agreements and forms to be used during your investigations.

NEW for 2014 each class has the option to visit a real haunted paranormal hotspot with Jason to try out your new ghost hunting skills!

COST: $200 SPECIAL! Just $85 per person!
WHERE: 200 wham rd, Fountain Inn, SC 29644
TIME: 7pm Classes last for about 3 hours + an excursion to a haunted hotspot after class!
WHEN: Every THIRD Tuesday Evening

Register now online or CALL 864-248-6472 if you prefer to pay cash at the door!


This class repeats every THIRD Tuesday! Basic Ghost Hunting is just one single Tuesday night class so it is easy for most folks to fit into their schedule.

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