Looking to buy a Franks box or “Ghost Box”?


Latest model Ghost Box radio to hit the market is the BEST yet!

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You are buying the very latest model “Ghost Box” radio for ghost hunting research. This brand new model ghost box gives far better results than the older one sold on other sites! Faster scan rates insure less radio station interference!

The radios that I convert into ghost boxes are getting harder to find so order today!

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These new model radios have been modified by famous psychic and paranormalist Jason Profit to continuously scan radio stations up and down for use during paranormal investigations. The audio scan is very clean and does not contain annoying popping sounds like the older models used to. Whats even better is there is now an INTERNAL speaker making it truly portable for field research.

“I use this Ghost Box radio for easy, portable two way spirit communication during my own paranormal investigations. Every paranormal investigator and would be ghost hunter should have this amazing tool!” ~Jason Profit

What is a ghost box or franks box?

The “ghost box” or “franks box” is truly a unique concept … a sort of spirit telephone system if you will. You can literally ask questions and get answers… LIVE in REAL TIME! Unlike EVP recordings where you have to go back listen to what you have recorded,with  these ghost boxes you have full 2 way communication with the other side. Of course you will need to practice in order to get the best results. Sometimes the messages are clear and easily understood, sometimes they are more intermixed with random sounds and audio bits.

Frank Sumption was experimenting with some software one day when he came up with the idea of building his frequency scanning device to help aid in spirit communication. The thing is, ORIGINAL franks boxes are rare as he does not build them for sale. Our Ghost Box radio is the next best thing! You can even use MORE than one of these at a time to enhance the communication! Order 2 or 3!

While using this Ghost Box radio, you should always have your digital recorder going so you can listen later… you may be surprised at just how much you pick up! You have probably even seen these used on Ghost Adventures TV show being called a “spirit box.”

Watch the video at the link below to see the Ghost Box in action!

Click HERE to watch a video of Jason using the Ghost Box at a haunted site!

This radio is brand new and has been modified to create a continuous scan of radio stations. The theory is that this allows an easy way for spirits to communicate with the living in a two way LIVE, REAL TIME way. This Ghost Box radio will scan continuously up or down in FM mode. This model also includes and EVEN louder INTERNAL speaker so it truly is portable!

ATTENTION! These radios are getting much harder to find so order before supplies dry up!

NOTE: Due to radio shack changing the circuit board in 2012, you must HOLD the scan button for the continuous stream of sound… if you let go it will stop scanning.

What exactly is included in this package:

  • Brand new Ghost Box radio modified by Jason Profit (as pictured)
  • Written instructions for paranormal use with tips from Jasons actual field experiences
  • Absolutely FREE shipping anywhere in the USA!

Order NOW Only $99.97!

Buy NOW only $99.97!

Free Shipping in the USA!

These Ghost Box devices usually ship within 7-14 business days depending on demand!

Buyers OUTSIDE of USA use the buy button below! (Includes $15 INTL shipping)

International Orders

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4 thoughts on “Looking to buy a Franks box or “Ghost Box”?

  1. Jason Post author

    The links have been updated now to include international shipping to the united kingdom, Australia etc.

    Feel free to place you order any time!

  2. Mike Richardson

    Jason, I am the Insurance Adjuster that handled the Fire claim in 2002. I had a couple of experiencewhile there and do have some other phots of the old hospital and know the Original land layout! Mike R.

  3. Jason Post author

    Hi Mike! I would love to get a copy of those pictures and talk with you a bit more. Please call me at 864-248-6472 at your convenience.

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