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Do you have a group that would like to book a date to take The Greenville Ghost Tour? We love groups and have been a part of the Greenville Tourism scene since we opened our doors.

We have always been happy to have private groups on The Greenville Ghost Tour. In fact we can be very flexible with dates and times! Read on to learn some of the details about how our downtown group tours work.

Some of the groups that have booked private haunted tours are: Greenville Newcomers group, Greenville Meetup, Expecting Mothers group… many corporate, social, ladies and other types of groups have had a blast learning Greenville’s haunted history… even Church groups!

Seasonal Blackouts: No group tour discounts are available during October. We have scheduled tours running 5 nights per week in October which will be first come first served. You may purchase large group orders online during Halloween so long as you pay with a credit or debit card. Just see if your required number of tickets is available on a given date and make your group purchase. Halloween dates fill up fast so plan ahead!

Original Greenville Ghost Tour


Friday and Saturday dates on our regularly scheduled evening tours are first come first serve, you may book up to our capacity of about 40 guests. You may schedule these dates simply by booking online for your entire group or having them book all for the same date. Please prepay for these dates online using your credit or debit card. No group discounts are offered on our regular scheduled Friday and Saturday tours.

NON regular dates qualify for GROUP DISCOUNTS if your group has 15 or more guests! Monday – Thursdays are open for flexible group tours! We invite you to contact us to see if a particular date you have in mind is available. We can schedule group tours for nearly any time of day on most week days. Call NOW to see if your preferred date is available!

GROUP DISCOUNT: 25% off full retail price! Groups of 15 or more qualify for group discounts on NON regularly scheduled dates. No Friday or Saturday dates qualify for group discounts. Contact us now to see if your date is available!

Haunted Pub Crawl

We welcome groups on our Haunted Pub Crawl, but due to limited space cannot offer discounts or special dates. Feel free to book any of our regularly scheduled pub crawls to capacity of 15. Due to how loud and busy these places get on the weekends, Wednesday night is the only time these pub crawls are open.

Inquire about booking our tour for YOUR group! Use the form below…

PLEASE NOTE: Vouchers from third party sites may NOT be used for group tours!