Halloween Night DARKside Tour

2018 Halloween Night DARKside Tour With Jason Profit!

Hunt Ghosts Downtown With Jason Profit On Halloween Night!

Be part of an exclusive Halloween night Ghost Tour downtown Greenville and visit the most haunted locations featured in Jason book “Haunted Greenville South Carolina!” Only 40 tickets available so buy your spots NOW!

If you have ghost hunting gear BRING IT Halloween night! This is the best night for ghost hunters to come! We will attempt to document paranormal activity at several of our stops…

Known for creating the Greenville Ghost Tour, Jason Profit is no stranger to the paranormal. His mother was chasing spirits out of folks homes since before Jason was even born. As a baby, Jasons family lived in one of the most darkly haunted houses in Greenville county. With a lifetime of expertise in the field of the paranormal, Jason is the most experienced local ghost hunters you are going to find! Jason also teaches ghost hunting classes and has been sharing the hidden spirits of Greenvilles past and present with the curious for many years now.

This special Halloween night GHOST HUNTING style version of our original Greenville Ghost Tour includes a few DARKER tales we don’t include on the original tour. While some of the stories are the same… other stories told on this DARKside tour you will NOT hear on our regular tour. These tours will last TWO and a HALF hours! 

You would wait that long in line for a fake “haunted house” and then get 10 minutes of goofy scares… THIS Halloween night come enjoy 2.5 hours of real ghostly tales!

 Even better is that The DARKside Tour ends at the largest cemetery downtown Greenville where nearly 10,000 souls rest… but not so peacefully. Find out about the darker side of The Greenville Ghost Tour and get your tickets TODAY…Halloween is short at hand…

Wednesday HALLOWEEN Night October 31st 8pm 2018

Exclusively on HALLOWEEN NIGHT… Jason will attempt to make contact with spirits at TWO locations using his ghost box device. He will also bring some of his ghost hunting equipment for use by guests during each tour!

Tickets for The HALLOWEEN Night 8pm Tour are just $30 for all ages... just know that some younger guests may find this tour more frightening than our original tour. The DARKside Tour lasts about 2.5 HOURS… That is 2.5 hours of real haunted tales and ghost hunting for the same price as 10 minutes in a fake “haunted house!”

No refunds on missed tours, This is a special Halloween night event so no rainchecks will be available. This event will go on no matter the weather conditions, so be prepared if the weather calls for rain.

Note: Halloween dates sell out early! Order your Halloween tickets as soon as the Halloween schedule is posted!

Your tour meeting address  is provided in the tour registration link below. Please arrive at the address about 15 minutes before your tour time to check in. We meet in front of Greenville Army Store on Main St.

NOTE: When ordering online, please make sure you select the proper date for the tour you want to attend. ALSO… you must purchase your online ticket at least 3 hours before the tour if you purchase a ticket the same day as your tour.

Your purchase will show payment made to: HARBOR CHRISTIAN ACADEMY!

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