Buy EMF Detectors for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation

Several great EMF detectors to choose from!

Electromagnetic Field readers or EMF detectors have become very popular in the world of ghost hunting. Now we have several choices depending on your ghost hunting needs and budget!

I personally use several types of EMF meters during my paranormal investigations. The K2 emf detector as seen on Ghost Hunters and other TV shows is usually the most popular in our store, and now we offer the all new BLACK k2 emf meter just in case you want to look cool.

The MEL meter is a very handy device and actually works as three devices in one: Red flash light, temp meter and reliable EMF detector. Seen on many of the top Paranormal TV shows.

We even have the all new REM-POD… an amazing EM radiating proximity detector as seen on the TV shows. Every thing you want is here in out store so make sure you browse around.

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