Greenville Ghost Tour HALLOWEEN Night Ghost Hunting Edition 2011

Special Halloween Night Ghost Hunting Edition of the Greenville Ghost Tour! 7pm Monday October 31st, 2011…. Tickets are disappearing fast!


This year it seems that Halloween falls on a Monday so intrepid ghost hunter and author Jason Profit has created this spooktacular SPECIAL EDITION of the Greenville Ghost tour for 2011! Why not enjoy an actual paranormal outting on the most ghostly night of the year?

Our regular weekly tours continue overy Thurs-Sun in October, but this special Ghost Hunting edition adds so much more! This tour will be an hour or so longer that our regular weekly tour bringing this event to an amazing 2.5 hour long haunted adventure. Avid ghost hunters and fans will enjoy the opportunity to take part in an investigative style Halloween Night Tour as Jason will bring along a selection of ghost hunting gear that members of the tour will get to use and help see if we can document any paranromal activity at some of downtown Greenville’s most haunted locations.

Along with trying to capture paranormal evidence, Jason Profit will use his Ghost Box to try and communicate with the spirits of several poor souls whom have commited suicide DOWNTOWN in the last several years. Jason Ghost Box is a radio that has been modified to continually sweep radio stations. The theory is that spirits are able to use these sweeping frequencies to communicate with the living… many shocked investigators have experienced these communications as the voices call Jason by name.  Do you dare witness as Jason tries to open the veil between this world and the spirit world?

Only for the DIE HARD paranormal fans… no details will be left out as Jason reveals the darkness that hides in plain sight. A much more sinister experience will be felt on this Halloween edition of the the Tour. Be prepared by bringing your OWN paranormal gear if you have any! The more equipment the better so bring your digital cameras, emf meters, digital thermometers or any other gear you have!

-MORE stories and details than any other tour during the Halloween Season!

-2.5 hours long for the DIE HARD paranormal fans!

-Ghost Hunting gear on hand to document the paranormal!

-Attempted Spirit Communication by Jason Profit!

-Limited Space! Only 50 VIP Tickets available!


The best part is… Tickets are only $45!!! So Get your VIP Tickets NOW before they all sell out!

PLEASE READ: Please arrive about 6:40pm so that everyone can get checked in on time.This event will run RAIN OR DRY! Dress accordingly as this season can be unpredictable. There will be NO REFUNDS if you miss the event. This even will happen no matter the weather.

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