Blue Fish Grill Greenville, SC affordable fine dining and wine bar

What a treat it was to enjoy the sophisticated ambiance of the brand new Blue Fish Grill in Greenville, SC! What can I say? The steak is incredible and selection of wine from their enormous THREE STORY TALL wine rack is unsurpassed! The thing is they don’t just have steak… they have a culinary collection that includes Italian, French, Greek and Mediterranean cuisine all prepared in an open kitchen. They even have a fresh seafood bar coming soon and several vegetarian dishes on the menu!

So maybe you have seen this place as you pull out of the Whole foods market

Ghost hunting Geophones by: Jason Profit geo phone augustine hunters

After seeing several of the investigators on television using “Geophone” devices to detect micro vibrations, I decided to look more into them and have played around with them all. The theory is this… these devices have built in seismic sensors that can pick up the most minute vibration in the surface they are sitting on.

You have probably seen these things as well. The TAPS team used one on “Ghost Hunters” that was a larger than you would want to carry around with you. The “Ghost Adventures Crew” used one that is sold by our good friends at Ghost Augustine.

Geo phones

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