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After seeing several of the investigators on television using “Geophone” devices to detect micro vibrations, I decided to look more into them and have played around with them all. The theory is this… these devices have built in seismic sensors that can pick up the most minute vibration in the surface they are sitting on.

You have probably seen these things as well. The TAPS team used one on “Ghost Hunters” that was a larger than you would want to carry around with you. The “Ghost Adventures Crew” used one that is sold by our good friends at Ghost Augustine.

Geo phones should be useful for determining if the sounds heard on a paranormal investigation are audible manifestations or physical manifestations. Meaning… if you hear footsteps in the room above you, locate a geophone in that area. If you are down stairs and hear the footsteps, bangs, knocks or dragging followed by a loud alarm.. that tells us that the sounds are causing physical vibration. This tells us that we are not just hearing things!

I am pleased to announce our Greenville Ghost Geophone! I had this produced specifically to meet the needs of ghost hunting teams everywhere. Here are some details…

  • Super sensitive to micro surface vibrations
  • Small yet durable lightweight construction
  • Set on surface, floor or table.. or hang it on a wall!
  • LED indicator blinks when sounding alarm. With video cams pointed at device this helps you know which Geophone is sounding.
  • Extremely loud alarm that sounds for 40 seconds then resets
  • Runs a very long time on one 9 volt battery
  • Remote control allows you to arm the device from 25 feet away! The only Geophone on the market with a remote!

Just imagine how handy it will be to set up the geophones in the locations where noises are heard. Then be able to leave the room before arming the extremely Greenville Ghost Geophonesensitive vibration sensor. Saving your ears from the piercing alarm!

The Greenville Ghost Geophone is by a ghost hunter, for ghost hunters and is designed for field use. I wanted them to be affordable enough so that small paranormal investigation teams could order several of them and not break the budget. So order 2 or 3 of these handy Geo phones for your team today!

By now I am sure you are wondering where can I buy one of these geophones at? Can I order a geophone from you since so many people trust your store?

The answer is YES! Order your Geo phones today using the “add to cart” buttons below! We also carry K2 meters, Laser Grids and have some brand new affordable night vision cams coming soon too!

~Jason Profit


Only $29.97 with FREE shipping in the USA!

International Orders +$15 S&H.

Shipping Note: Depending on supply please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery! These are hot items and we are having to have a lot made!

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