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Order kII k2 EMF meter now in stock on our ghost hunting store!


K2 EMF Meter Only $64.97

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This is the REAL DEAL! Order your Brand NEW original K2 EMF meter as seen on the Ghost Hunters TV show! Have an upcoming student in “ghost hunters academy?” This is just what your aspiring ghost hunter needs!

This meter is all new for 2010 so that you do not have to wedge a coin in the on button! This K2 meter has a push on / push off push button which allows far greater reliability from the factory. So many folks were modifying these meters in this way, now the manufacture has heard our cries and redesigned this amazing tool!

Also known as the KII meter or safe home meter, it has become the standard detection tool in the ghost hunters tool kit.

Watch the video below featuring Greenville Ghost Tour proprietor Jason Profit on WSPA TV news using the K2 meter at Greenville’s most haunted public park… our former Tuberculosis Hospital. The K2 meter was going nuts during the interview with the TV news reporter Chris Cato.

Here are a few reasons it is so popular with the paranormal crowd:

  1. Incredible results AS SEEN ON TV!
  2. Great battery life. 3-6 months on one 9v battery.
  3. Very durable= Drop it and it won’t break.
  4. Super easy to read in the dark. Confirm paranormal activity from across the room!
  5. The meter makes NO noise so it won’t interfere with your recordings.
  6. Detects EMF levels very quickly so you have instant response.

Researchers have been using this meter to get yes and no answers and other interaction with the spirit world for years now. You can ask the spirit to light up the lights a little or a lot… you will be amazed!

Order one for yourself or several for your ghost hunting teams! We even include directions on how to use it for paranormal use AND for every day EMF detection.

This meter will ship within 7-10 days depending on demand, it often ships much faster. Made in the USA!


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Greenville Ghost Tours in historic downtown Greenville, SC by Jason Profit ghost hunter paranormalist

Announcing the Grand Opening of GreenvilleGhost.com!

Trusted local psychic, ghost hunter and paranormal researcher Jason Profit has created an amazing tour of lovely downtown Greenville, South Carolina. Be prepared to learn a few interesting yet chilling things about this gorgeous southern town in this haunting and historical tour!

Jason has researched and investigated some of the areas most haunted places so you can rest assured this tour is designed to thrill and amaze.

This is a great year round tour that often sells out early during the Halloween season!

Downtown Walking Tour

$20 Adults
$10 Children   (13 and under)

To Reserve YOUR spot Call Now! 864-248-6472

An ever evolving journey, this tour winds its way through beautiful downtown Greenville and lasts roughly an hour and a half. You are going to learn grizzly and frightening things about some of our towns most well known buildings and places.

Make sure to wear your walking shoes and be prepared to learn a few things about historic downtown Greenville, SC while you get some great excercise. We will visit haunted buildings and reports of ghostly occurrences from Greenville’s past all the way up to as recent as 2008.

You will even discover which building is called by some… Greenville’s “1408”… with a room where a ghost supposedly killed the resident.  Watch out though! This same building also had its elevator plummet 4 floors in 2009…

We encourage everyone to bring digital cameras, but please no video cameras or audio recording. You might be very surprised at what shows up in YOUR photos! There are numerous locations on this tour where orbs commonly show up in pictures. Don’t be surprised as you  find yourself beginning to feel a slight chill when you come face to face with the paranormal and the bizarre.

Weekly Halloween Tours are available and the schedule will be posted here before season. Halloween dates sell out WAY in advance so find out how to reserve your tickets now.

Year Round Tours our downtown walking tour is available by appointment only. All you have to do is call in with your reservation and arrangments will be made!

Call now for reservations! Mention you want the downtown walking tour!

Make reservations for your group today!


Private tours of some of Greenville’s most haunted locations available! Call for details!

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