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Haunted Segway Tour Groupon is NOT the REAL Greenville Ghost Tour

WARNING: If you want the REAL Greenville Ghost Tour it ain’t on an overpriced segway ride! Why waste $65 on a haunted segway tour of old dusty myths and legends when you can enjoy the REAL, ORIGINAL Greenville Ghost Tour for a mere $20? You got had! My fans have been calling ME asking what the deal is…Here is the deal…

Now the Greenville Glides segway tour company could have called me to partner with the real deal and been able to have an amazing offering… but they didn’t! The Greenville segway haunted tour IS NOT authorized to tell our stories nor does it have anything to do with the ORIGINAL Greenville Ghost Tour. They do not hunt ghosts nor do they have any paranormal evidence… just dusty old myths lol.

Don’ fall for the groupon deal on the overpriced segway ride… if you did.. ASK FOR A REFUND! The only place to get the REAL haunted tour of downtown Greenville haunted places is from paranormal expert Jason Profit… I am the guy who actually investigates the haunted locations downtown Greenville and guides the Original Greenville Ghost Tour downtown. Oh yeah and I WROTE THE BOOK about Greenville, SC hauntings. So make sure you don’t get ripped off… There is only ONE Greenville Ghost Tour!

If you got the haunted segway tour groupon… feel free to ask groupon for a refund and come on the REAL haunted tour where the paranormal activity runs high and we know the REAL hotspots where cameras capture orbs, apparitions, mists and learn about how our guests regularly experience the paranormal happenings of downtown. Plus did I mention it is just $20???

Greenville Ghost Tour is the original haunted tour and the ONLY haunted attraction open all year long in Greenville, SC! We have the years of press and media coverage to prove it!

For Halloween Season we also have an all night ghost hunting adventure on Halloween night where you get to be locked into one of the places featured in my book Haunted Greenville South Carolina… Also our Haunted Pub Crawl has new creepy info on the last remaining old brothel downtown Gvegas… We also have an exclusive LATE Tour where you learn the dark side of Greenville’s haunted places, grizzly crimes and suicides… the LATE tour ends where 10,000 souls rest …but not too peacefully!

Greenville ghost tour 2014 schedule

Greenville ghost tours LATE tour

Walk ups welcome! Come on down! If we are not sold out we will welcome you!

>Thurs-Sun Night Ghost Tours start at 8pm and 10:30pm (fri &Sat) In front of Greenville Army Store 660 S. Main St… be 15 min early.

Haunted Segway Tour Groupon is NOT the REAL Greenville Ghost Tour

Downtown Greenville: 10 wannabe teenage thugs threaten a couple in parking garage with toy gun

Breaking news from Greenville Ghost NEWS Network…¬†Bringing you the news the mainstream is afraid to!

On Saturday evening 9/14/2013 around 10:30pm, a couple was in a downtown Greenville, SC parking garage when they were approached by a group of 10 African American teenage wannabe thugs who were trying to be intimidating. One of the wannabe thugs pulled a toy gun on the couple and the couple carefully got into their car. Upon driving off, the teen shot at the rear window leaving damage. It was a BB gun that had pulled on this couple.

As reported by WORD 1330 and 950 news talk radio.

As a downtown Greenville business owner and a father,  I am disgusted that more local media outlets are not covering this type of increasing violent activity. Count on me to bring you the unpopular news in an opinionated manner as the Greenville Ghost Tour attempts to get attention about these matters for YOUR safety.

I invite Mayor Knox White and the Greenville City Police department to consider the fact that this kind of crap will CEASE to happen with a city wide open carry ordinance. Until then Greenville Ghost NEWS Network will bring you the hauntings AND the teenage violence problem Downtown Greenville. It is MY business after all to share the dark side of Greenville, SC. It is the business of Mayor Knox White, Greenville City Counsel and The Greenville City Police Department to make the town safe for all of us to enjoy.

You comments are welcome below! Share this story on Facebook and help us bring this problem to light.

~Jason Profit (THE creepiest guy in town)

UPDATE!!! According to Fox Carolina there has been a turn of events in this case! Greenville Police have made 7 arrests in the case. Thankfully investigators have made headway in this event and the “thugs” in question range in age from 12-15.

I want to applaud the Gville PD for being able to gain ground in what many of us Central Business District biz owners see as a growing problem for the safety of our guests and customers. Attempted robbery and malicious damage are the charges and hopefully this will send a message to the other wannabe “thugs” that think they can get away with crap like this…

Source for update: Fox Carolina

Greenville Glides Segway tour tries to copy Greenville Ghost Tours Success with a haunted tour!

Greenville Glides Segway tour tries to copy Greenville Ghost Tours Success with a haunted tour!

They DO say imitation is the greatest form of flattery! Get the REAL Greenville Ghost Tour…

Greenville ghost tour 2014 schedule

Greenville ghost tours LATE tour

Walk ups welcome! Come on down! If we are not sold out we will welcome you!

>Thurs-Sun Night Ghost Tours start at 8pm and 10:30pm (fri &Sat) In front of Greenville Army Store 660 S. Main St… be 15 min early.

The Original Greenville Ghost Tour is the only authentic haunted tour downtown Greenville, SC. Make no mistake about it!

Don’t be fooled by those trying to cash in on the Halloween season!

So one of the many loyal GGT minions notified me that Greenville Glides was trying to offer a haunted tour on their segways this October I actually got a chuckle. Since I have spent the last 10 years doing my OWN research and investigations to develop the ever evolving stories contained in the Greenville Ghost Tour, I knew there was only ONE source for haunted stories downtown. Me! Jason Profit, creator of the only REAL haunted tour downtown as featured by nearly every major news outlet in Greenville dating all the back to 2008.

So I decided to call Greenville Glides and confirm this rumor… A man answered the phone and I asked. “Is it true that you guys are offering a haunted tour this year?” He had to confirm with a female whom I heard in the back ground… “Um yeah we are still working on the details… it will be in October.” I said “May I speak to the manager?” He confirms he is the manager…I continue, “Well good, Just make sure you are not plagiarizing any of my published stories.” “Who is this” he says… “I am Jason Profit, Owner of the original Greenville Ghost Tour which has been running since 2008, we are the second tour company in Greenville and my book is the only source for ghost stories downtown Greenville. Just make sure you are not trying to plagerize my copyrighted works and we have no problems… by the way I WILL have a plant on your tours making sure you don’t steal my hard work.”

He began sounding nervous… which indicated to me that they likely WERE planning to use my copyrighted works as a basis for their COPYCAT tour… “Oh we won’t be using any of your stories on our haunted tour” he proclaims in a shaky voice.

So if you want to hear the REAL ghost stories of hauntings downtown Greenville and actually visit THE MOST haunted places downtown… Make sure you are the on the ONLY Original Greenville Ghost Tour which has been created and is LED by the most publicized¬† paranormal expert in the Upstate.

Don’t wast your money on copy cats! The ORIGINAL Greenville Ghost Tour is the only that has the details of the REAL haunted tales and most active haunts downtown.

Now if you want to have a lazy stroll around town… please do check out Greenville Glides Segway Tour. They offer a unique opportunity for those who want to see Greenville from a different perspective… We encourage folks to visit ALL tour operators in the downtown Greenville area. Just don’t fall for the copy cat stuff.

Jason Profit

Proprietor of the ORIGINAL Greenville Ghost Tour

Greenville Glides | Greenville Segway tour | Segway haunted tour


What’s the deal with Solavei? Can I really get $49 4G service or is it a scam?

I had been a loyal Sprint customer for more than 10 years… This is why I switched…

For many years Sprint was able to offer fast, reliable phone and data which proved to be crucial to my business needs. Yet over the past 3 years the data side of Sprints network has been getting slower and slower. What used to be a fast connection began slowing to barely 200-300kb at times. You can look over at the Sprint community forums and see the continuing complaints of this slowdown nationwide.

The last two years I have owned several totally useless 4g phones on Sprint.. why useless? Because Sprints “4g” network is in so few markets that it’s almost pointless to even advertise “4g” in relation to Sprint. Store reps keep telling me “it shouldn’t be long” and yet I sat there locked into another contract holding an LTE 4g phone that could barely get “3g” speeds on Sprints ailing network.

I decided if Sprint didn’t have Greenville, SC lit up with 4g by mid 2013 that I would call them an official rip off and take my business elsewhere… contract or not! Well it is mid 2013 and Sprint is still slower than molasses.

Shopping around for nearly a year I noticed folks with tmobile 4g are getting quite good data speeds in a lot of markets including Greenville, SC. SInce Tmobile has several resellers or MVNOs, I shopped around looking for the best offering. Prepaid and no contract services have become extremely competitive these days and I liked that Tmobile has 4g already in my area.

One day I ran across the best MVNO Tmobile deal I have ever heard of.

This company called Solavei has been making news all over the place about their amazing cell plan.

They offer $49 UNLIMITED talk, text and data with a whopping 4gb of 4G speed nationwide on Tmobiles network. Heck Tmobile only gives you 2.5gb of 4G data on their $60 plan! After finding that many people were extremely happy with their Solavei plans, I ordered up a sim card for a Samsung Galaxy s2 I had laying around.

Several days later I was up and running! Turns out, Solavei kicks major butt! They are different in that they don’t spend big dollars on advertising campaigns, instead relying on word of mouth.

Scam? If you ask me SPRINT is the real scam. I am spending less than HALF what I was with big yellow.. the best part is I can actually USE my data and get some work done because I have 4g. Meanwhile Sprint customers are still waiting for faster 4g data… and waiting and waiting. My mom even ditched Sprint too to enjoy the savings of Solavei!

Since we all like to talk about things we love, Solavei wants to keeps the costs down by paying it’s customers to spread the word about what a terrific service it is! So that’s what I am doing here, sharing with you how much I dig saving money on awesome phone service. You too can can save money on your phone plan and get unlimited talk, text and data on one of the largest nationwide 4g carriers for just $49.. who knows you might tell a few people and get your phone service basically for free!

Click here to learn more or on the banner in the right hand menu…

Jason “GhostMan” Profit

Proprietor, Greenville Ghost Tour…

I am a happy Solavei customer and independent representative! Call me to see about setting up your phone and/or making some money in the Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Simpsonville, Easley or Clemson area of South Carolina. Anywhere in the upstate SC basically

Call me about Solavei here: 864-402-9944




Ghost hunting with The Rise Guys Guys Greenville Army Navy Store 2011 evidence

It was late 2011… Halloween was approaching, and as usual I was getting swamped with inquiries about the Greenville Ghost Tour. A message arrives and it is from FatBoy… No no no… That is his name on the radio folks. So FatBoy is on a popular local radio show called The Rise Guys on 93.3 The Planet and tells me that they try and hunt ghosts every year. He was wondering if I could take them some place really haunted. Since I had to make some special arrangements I told I would get back to him and got to work.

I figured this would be the perfect time to try and schedule a block buster location to investigate. After looking over my options, I went and talked to my friends at Greenville Army Store since they have had some strange things happen. The Army Navy store downtown is one of Greenville South Carolinas’ oldest family run stores. Opened in 1946 by Harry Zaglin and still run to this very day by his son… Jeff. Over the years Jeff and his staff have come to trust the Greenville Ghost Tour enough to share their own haunted encounters in the store with me in my book: Haunted Greenville South Carolina, published 2011 The History Press

Once Jeff agreed to allow me to bring our guests in for this exclusive first time investigation, I let FatBoy know that I had a special ghost hunt planned for them. Here is the thing, I only told them that they were getting access to an exclusive investigation in one of the oldest business downtown. They had no idea where the location was until just a couple of days before the actual event… You can imagine their surprise when they found exactly where we were going.

Since we were in there for nearly two hours, the video below is just the highlights of what turned out to be a very eventful night. This is a full television show length video featuring the high points… but at 28 minutes long this mean you may should pause the video for 5 or 10 minutes before you attempt to watch it all the way through.

In the first part, we find ourselves in the basement… where something touches my “Geophone” vibration sensor while no one is near. Then several of our batteries drain. First in my camera, then in The Rise Guys voice recorder… From there we discover a strange EMF anomaly upstairs on the retail floor. Then later in the video we conduct a ghost box session (similar to a Franks box) where the spirits call out my name, then the names of several of The Rise Guys team. During this session, determine for yourself is the is the decease proprietor of the Army Store telling us “You don’t get it” …. “Come back next week”… “Get out…. we’re closed”…

Enjoy! Oh and if YOU haven’t been on the Greenville Ghost Tour yet… go ahead and order your tickets now!

Also go shopping at Greenville Army Navy Store right downtown and tell them Greenville Ghost Tour sent you in… just make sure you say to Harry too!

Greenville Ghost Tour: Ghost hunting with The Rise Guys 2011 Army-Navy Store Evidence box