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Ghost hunting Geophones by: Jason Profit geo phone augustine hunters

After seeing several of the investigators on television using “Geophone” devices to detect micro vibrations, I decided to look more into them and have played around with them all. The theory is this… these devices have built in seismic sensors that can pick up the most minute vibration in the surface they are sitting on.

You have probably seen these things as well. The TAPS team used one on “Ghost Hunters” that was a larger than you would want to carry around with you. The “Ghost Adventures Crew” used one that is sold by our good friends at Ghost Augustine.

Geo phones should be useful for determining if the sounds heard on a paranormal investigation are audible manifestations or physical manifestations. Meaning… if you hear footsteps in the room above you, locate a geophone in that area. If you are down stairs and hear the footsteps, bangs, knocks or dragging followed by a loud alarm.. that tells us that the sounds are causing physical vibration. This tells us that we are not just hearing things!

I am pleased to announce our Greenville Ghost Geophone! I had this produced specifically to meet the needs of ghost hunting teams everywhere. Here are some details…

  • Super sensitive to micro surface vibrations
  • Small yet durable lightweight construction
  • Set on surface, floor or table.. or hang it on a wall!
  • LED indicator blinks when sounding alarm. With video cams pointed at device this helps you know which Geophone is sounding.
  • Extremely loud alarm that sounds for 40 seconds then resets
  • Runs a very long time on one 9 volt battery
  • Remote control allows you to arm the device from 25 feet away! The only Geophone on the market with a remote!

Just imagine how handy it will be to set up the geophones in the locations where noises are heard. Then be able to leave the room before arming the extremely Greenville Ghost Geophonesensitive vibration sensor. Saving your ears from the piercing alarm!

The Greenville Ghost Geophone is by a ghost hunter, for ghost hunters and is designed for field use. I wanted them to be affordable enough so that small paranormal investigation teams could order several of them and not break the budget. So order 2 or 3 of these handy Geo phones for your team today!

By now I am sure you are wondering where can I buy one of these geophones at? Can I order a geophone from you since so many people trust your store?

The answer is YES! Order your Geo phones today using the “add to cart” buttons below! We also carry K2 meters, Laser Grids and have some brand new affordable night vision cams coming soon too!

~Jason Profit


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Green Laser Grid as seen on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International

Green Laser Grid as seen on TVs Ghost Hunters!

So you have been shopping around to buy one of those cool new Laser Grids you saw on TV right? You found the nets #1 supplier of Laser Grids for paranormal investigation!

The HOTTEST new gadget for your ghost hunting adventures is now here! This green laser grid is just like the one used on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International!

Watch out for the imitators trying to sell you a puny 5mw green laser. Jason Profit wanted to bring you the BEST! Our Laser grid is a full 30mw! This unit is SIX TIMES stronger than the imitators! It will shine for about 8 miles without the star filter that makes the grid.

“What a great new tool to add to any ghost hunters tool kit! I am now making use of this tool at haunted locations where ever movement has been reported.” ~Jason Profit

Laser Grid as seen on TV!

This device emits a grid of green dots which can be used as visual anchors in your photos or videos. The smallest disturbances due to movement, shadows or other paranormal activity may be easier to see in your photos. Set up the grid and blanket an entire room with green dots.

Laser Grid Only $32.97

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Greenville Ghost Tour announces special “Ghost hunters edition” for Halloween!

What are your plans for this Halloween?

As Halloween approaches, the buzz around Greenville Ghost Tour
increases dramatically.

This Halloween the Greenville Ghost Tour is inviting our guests
to come in their Halloween costumes to be part of the fun on 10-31-09!

Our tour on Halloween night is going to offer a special surprise…
We will actually conduct real paranormal investigations as we
take you on your journey through Greenvilles haunted history.

This is our special “Ghost Hunter Edition” of the tour and will
actually take place on 10-30-09 & 10-31-09! BOTH nights offer this
special TREAT.

We will bring some of our ghost hunting gear and see if we can
document any evidence of the paranormal LIVE during the tour. This
will include one of Jason Profits notorious 2-way EVP sessions in
the cemetery walk portion of the tour.

Space is limited so reserve your spot now! These dates will sell
out very early in the month…. once it is sold out that is it!

Get your Tickets at:

or call: 864-248-6472

Order kII k2 EMF meter now in stock on our ghost hunting store!


K2 EMF Meter Only $64.97

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This is the REAL DEAL! Order your Brand NEW original K2 EMF meter as seen on the Ghost Hunters TV show! Have an upcoming student in “ghost hunters academy?” This is just what your aspiring ghost hunter needs!

This meter is all new for 2010 so that you do not have to wedge a coin in the on button! This K2 meter has a push on / push off push button which allows far greater reliability from the factory. So many folks were modifying these meters in this way, now the manufacture has heard our cries and redesigned this amazing tool!

Also known as the KII meter or safe home meter, it has become the standard detection tool in the ghost hunters tool kit.

Watch the video below featuring Greenville Ghost Tour proprietor Jason Profit on WSPA TV news using the K2 meter at Greenville’s most haunted public park… our former Tuberculosis Hospital. The K2 meter was going nuts during the interview with the TV news reporter Chris Cato.

Here are a few reasons it is so popular with the paranormal crowd:

  1. Incredible results AS SEEN ON TV!
  2. Great battery life. 3-6 months on one 9v battery.
  3. Very durable= Drop it and it won’t break.
  4. Super easy to read in the dark. Confirm paranormal activity from across the room!
  5. The meter makes NO noise so it won’t interfere with your recordings.
  6. Detects EMF levels very quickly so you have instant response.

Researchers have been using this meter to get yes and no answers and other interaction with the spirit world for years now. You can ask the spirit to light up the lights a little or a lot… you will be amazed!

Order one for yourself or several for your ghost hunting teams! We even include directions on how to use it for paranormal use AND for every day EMF detection.

This meter will ship within 7-10 days depending on demand, it often ships much faster. Made in the USA!


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