PRESS RELEASE: Greenville Ghost Tour scares up two creepy new tours of haunted downtown for 2012



Jason Profit, Greenville Ghost Tour


Greenville Ghost Tour scares up two creepy new tours of haunted downtown for 2012

Greenville, SC, 9/13/2012 Every Thursday through Sunday night in September and October the original Greenville Ghost Tour leads guests on a creepy 90 minute walking tour that uncovers the multitude of ghosts and hauntings in historic downtown Greenville.

This popular tour was created by Jason Profit, trusted local psychic, ghost hunter and author of the book: Haunted Greenville South Carolina (History Press). Jason has researched and investigated some of the area’s most haunted places, and has uncovered so much more haunted

Ghost hunting Geophones by: Jason Profit geo phone augustine hunters

After seeing several of the investigators on television using “Geophone” devices to detect micro vibrations, I decided to look more into them and have played around with them all. The theory is this… these devices have built in seismic sensors that can pick up the most minute vibration in the surface they are sitting on.

You have probably seen these things as well. The TAPS team used one on “Ghost Hunters” that was a larger than you would want to carry around with you. The “Ghost Adventures Crew” used one that is sold by our good friends at Ghost Augustine.

Geo phones

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Jason Profits Haunted Greenville
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Tourist Attractions in Greenville South Carolina

Are you trying to find tourist attractions in Greenville, SC? So are a lot of other folks who visit the area!

Greenville is kind of lacking in things for tourists to do if you subtract the huge collection of bars and food joints. I certainly wish that I could report that there had been some improvement over the past several years in tourism… but when it comes to things for tourists to do in Greenville South Carolina there are not a large number of options.

Here are few things I suggest for out of town visitors to check out if they are