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http://greenvilleghost.com Sat, 11 Feb 2017 06:58:17 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Online Psychic Development Class Eor Everyone http://greenvilleghost.com/1551/online-psychic-development-class-eor-everyone/ Wed, 11 Jan 2017 07:41:44 +0000 http://greenvilleghost.com/?p=1551 Online psychic development classes are a thing! I’m Jason Profit, creator of Greenville Ghost Tour and I am also a local psychic and paranormal investigator in Greenville, SC. I created my online Psychic Development Class after years of teaching the exact same class in person.

Many people seem to have this hint that they may have some psychic abilities… maybe you feel like that. Which is probably how you ended up on this post, looking for psychic development classes online. Well I am here to tell you that you are a probably right!

We all have “psychic abilities” to one

Is Poinsett Bridge In Greenville SC haunted? http://greenvilleghost.com/1511/is-poinsett-bridge-in-greenville-sc-haunted/ Thu, 15 Sep 2016 06:10:22 +0000 http://greenvilleghost.com/?p=1511 Is Poinsett Bridge In Greenville SC haunted?

Over the years there have been many rumors of hauntings at the Poinsett Bridge. The reports include strange sounds, mysterious lights, automotive problems and other phenomena.

The bridge is named for Joel R. Poinsett, who was the first Commission of Public works in SC. The historically significant structure has been said to be near indian burial grounds, the site of slave lynchings and possibly built using slave labor. For a fact, the land has ancestral heritage tied to the native Americans who inhabited the land before Greenville County was founded. They were eventually pushed off

Monstercon 2014 Psychic Jason Profit attempts to make a cloud vanish from the sky http://greenvilleghost.com/1209/monstercon-2014-psychic-jason-profit-attempts-to-make-a-cloud-vanish-from-the-sky/ http://greenvilleghost.com/1209/monstercon-2014-psychic-jason-profit-attempts-to-make-a-cloud-vanish-from-the-sky/#respond Tue, 10 Jun 2014 19:25:02 +0000 http://greenvilleghost.com/?p=1209 Monstercon 2014 is coming up July 18th – 20th in Greenville South Carolina.

Jason Profit, local psychic, author and creator of Greenville Ghost Tour will be there as a literary guest and is making an extraordinary claim. He claims that he will attempt to make a cloud vanish on one of the three days of the convention using psychokinetic powers.

Weather permitting, Jason will try and use only the power of his mind to make a selected cloud vanish from the sky above Timmons Arena at Furman University. This public display will be open for all who want to witness it and

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Greenville ADHD Specialists uses FDA approved Qb Test for diagnosis of ADHD SC http://greenvilleghost.com/1184/greenville-adhd-specialists-uses-fda-approved-qb-test-for-diagnosis-of-adhd-sc/ Wed, 23 Apr 2014 20:23:20 +0000 http://greenvilleghost.com/?p=1184 In a crazy world where it can seem hard to focus on the important tasks at hand such as work, school and keeping the bills paid… what if there were a way to find out if you actually have ADHD or if you just need to knuckle down and get yourself together?

A new Greenville South Carolina ADHD clinic is now open and accepting new patients for just that very reason!

Greenville ADHD Specialists uses FDA approved testing to diagnose and evaluate adults and children to see if you actually have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This test is call Qb test and

2013 Greenville Christmas attractions roper mountain lights and holiday displays http://greenvilleghost.com/1112/2013-greenville-christmas-attractions-roper-mountain-lights-and-holiday-displays/ http://greenvilleghost.com/1112/2013-greenville-christmas-attractions-roper-mountain-lights-and-holiday-displays/#respond Thu, 12 Dec 2013 18:28:25 +0000 http://greenvilleghost.com/?p=1112 quarter_flyer_b

With Christmas fast approaching we wanted to share a few holiday treats that are happening around the Greenville, SC area. There are many Christmas lights displays and Holiday attractions in

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Greenville police have charged 6 teens in falls park robbery of cyclist! http://greenvilleghost.com/1041/greenville-police-have-charged-6-teens-in-falls-park-robbery-of-cyclist/ http://greenvilleghost.com/1041/greenville-police-have-charged-6-teens-in-falls-park-robbery-of-cyclist/#respond Fri, 04 Oct 2013 19:58:52 +0000 http://greenvilleghost.com/?p=1041 Greenville Ghost NEWS Network is proud to announce that yet another band of wannabe thugs with a BB gun have been charged with the crime they committed.

Back in August, a cyclist riding through falls park was robbed by a group of 6 teenagers, one of which had a BB gun. The victim Gideon Hackett was in the park after 10pm and was reportedly punched in the eye and knocked down, the other thugs began kicking him

Thanks to CrimeStoppers, an anonymous tip gave the names of several involved in the robbery.

Police identified the suspects being charged as adults as Jaylan Fair,

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Haunted Segway Tour Groupon is NOT the REAL Greenville Ghost Tour http://greenvilleghost.com/1022/haunted-segway-tour-groupon-is-not-the-real-greenville-ghost-tour/ http://greenvilleghost.com/1022/haunted-segway-tour-groupon-is-not-the-real-greenville-ghost-tour/#respond Fri, 27 Sep 2013 20:04:26 +0000 http://greenvilleghost.com/?p=1022 WARNING: If you want the REAL Greenville Ghost Tour it ain’t on an overpriced segway ride! Why waste $65 on a haunted segway tour of old dusty myths and legends when you can enjoy the REAL, ORIGINAL Greenville Ghost Tour for a mere $20? You got had! My fans have been calling ME asking what the deal is…Here is the deal…

Now the Greenville Glides segway tour company could have called me to partner with the real deal and been able to have an amazing offering… but they didn’t! The Greenville segway haunted tour IS NOT authorized to

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Greenville has plans to upgrade security cameras downtown! SC http://greenvilleghost.com/1000/greenville-has-plans-to-upgrade-security-cameras-downtown-sc/ http://greenvilleghost.com/1000/greenville-has-plans-to-upgrade-security-cameras-downtown-sc/#respond Tue, 17 Sep 2013 19:10:38 +0000 http://greenvilleghost.com/?p=1000 Greenville Ghost NEWS Network… bringing you the news the mainstream is afraid to…

It today’s update I am happy to report some upcoming positive improvements in Downtown Greenville security. Just three days ago the announcement was made that Greenville of City will be upgrading it’s aging camera security system by adding newer cameras with high resolution cams and increasing the lighting in some of the key crime areas.

This is a good start to helping citizens be a little safer downtown. Having the higher resolution cams means that it will be easier to identify wrong doers with more detail. Also having better

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Downtown Greenville: 10 wannabe teenage thugs threaten a couple in parking garage with toy gun http://greenvilleghost.com/994/downtown-greenville-10-wannabe-teenage-thugs-threaten-a-couple-in-parking-garage-with-toy-gun/ http://greenvilleghost.com/994/downtown-greenville-10-wannabe-teenage-thugs-threaten-a-couple-in-parking-garage-with-toy-gun/#respond Mon, 16 Sep 2013 18:07:52 +0000 http://greenvilleghost.com/?p=994 Breaking news from Greenville Ghost NEWS Network…┬áBringing you the news the mainstream is afraid to!

On Saturday evening 9/14/2013 around 10:30pm, a couple was in a downtown Greenville, SC parking garage when they were approached by a group of 10 African American teenage wannabe thugs who were trying to be intimidating. One of the wannabe thugs pulled a toy gun on the couple and the couple carefully got into their car. Upon driving off, the teen shot at the rear window leaving damage. It was a BB gun that had pulled on this couple.

As reported by WORD 1330 and 950 news

http://greenvilleghost.com/994/downtown-greenville-10-wannabe-teenage-thugs-threaten-a-couple-in-parking-garage-with-toy-gun/feed/ 0
Greenville Glides Segway tour tries to copy Greenville Ghost Tours Success with a haunted tour! http://greenvilleghost.com/971/greenville-glides-segway-tour-tries-to-copy-greenville-ghost-tours-success-with-a-haunted-tour/ Mon, 09 Sep 2013 15:19:08 +0000 http://greenvilleghost.com/?p=971 Greenville Glides Segway tour tries to copy Greenville Ghost Tours Success with a haunted tour!

They DO say imitation is the greatest form of flattery! Get the REAL Greenville Ghost Tour…

Greenville ghost tour 2014 schedule

Greenville ghost tours LATE tour

Walk ups welcome! Come on down! If we are not sold out we will welcome you!

>Thurs-Sun Night Ghost Tours start at 8pm and 10:30pm (fri &Sat) In front of Greenville Army Store 660 S.